Protectair Fungal Nails Treatment

For years people have turned to prescription medication to treat their fungal nail infections. Over the counter (OTC) medicines can be bought and used to relieve the symptoms of nail fungus. The biggest problem with over the counter (OTC) medicine is that they only mask the problem, and do not get at the root cause. Fungal nail infections need a prescription medication that acts in concert with over the counter treatments. Using them together, will greatly improve the chances of getting rid of your nail fungus.

protectair fungal nail treatment

ProtectAir fungal nail treatment is an all natural product. It contains several herbs that are known to fight against fungus. These herbs are Cattail, Nettles, Gardenia and Indian Ginseng. This treatment kit comes with both a topical cream and oral drops that work together to fight against the infection. Both topical cream and drops should be left on the infected nail overnight and washed off in the morning.

Some people may experience minor side effects from using ProtectAir, such as a little redness or irritation at the site of application. This will usually go away in a few days. People who have tried the product have also noticed that using it, their toenails grow back stronger than before.

The product is marketed by ProtectAin and has received good reviews from UK consumers. There are several other similar products on the market, but none seem to be quite as effective as ProtectAir. Reviews for the best fungal nail treatment products tend to indicate that the product works very well, especially for long-term infections.

There is one other product that is quite similar to protector fungal nail treatment, and that is toenail growth cream. However, the to consumers that have tried both tend to prefer the over the counter products better. This is probably because they don’t require any prescription and can be purchased everywhere without a prescription. However, this cream is also not as effective as protector and tends to take longer to show any results.

It is possible to view report of protected toenails online. This can help consumers decide if they want to purchase this product or one of the other similar ones on the market. In this report, the users of this product were able to rate it on effectiveness and their experience of applying it. They also rated it according to how fast it dried, how bad their nails looked, how long it took to dry, how it felt, and other aspects.